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Online Shop Promotion

1. Reward points

When you buy from online shop, you shall get Reward points from your purchase.
A rewards point is save in your account, and can be used in the next purchase only.
Rewards points can be used to exchange for free gift in all shop both in Thailand and overseas

20 Reward point = 1 USD


2. Bonus card issued by Thailand’s tourist bee farm

Many customers have a bonus card from a Thailand shop. We accept to transfer points from bonus card to your web account of rewards points. Please take a photo of your bonus card and send to us for proceeding.


3. Free delivery

We offer free delivery to orders which fulfill minimum order conditions. Check delivery rate


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. I just placed an order and the screen shown that I earned reward points. Can I use them at The same order to exchange for free gift?
2. How to use the reward points ?
3. Is free gift product free of delivery fee ?